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Treasure of Nadia is an action-adventure RPG adult game where you play as the main character of a teenage boy whose father was a treasure hunter but for some mysterious reason his father died and left her main character boy in curiosity to complete his father left destiny to find the Treasure of Nadia.

If you like RPG games which action and adventure elements then you are going to love this game too and having sex scenes are just a bonus to this beautiful game. Treasure of Nadia is a sequel of this its previous game Lust Epidemic, both games were developed by the same studio name called NLT Media, and NLT Media is known for its unique kind of CG animations and 3D graphics, and the sex scenes were beautifully animated in this game which is gonna make you turn on.

The Gameplay and mechanics of Treasure of Nadia are well designed to complete this game you have to engage in quests of this game, and by completing the quest you are going to develop feelings in the sexy ladies of this which you can also see your relationship with girls by menu, without enough hearts you can’t fuck those ladies.

What's new

v1.0113 ToN has been updated to version 1.0113 which includes minor bug fixes and also the implementation of the Lovense sex toy line. Now, when you play Treasure of Nadia, the Lovense sex toy will respond to the intensity of the action on-screen. v.93083 1 new item in squallmart 2 K pages -Janet -Kaley 2 extra alubm -1 from pirate chest -1 from squallmart 1 scene with Evie when fail to *follow* instructions

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