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The story of What a Legend game is about a young man that goes to the biggest city of the realm to lose his virginity but ends up meeting a mysterious and interesting woman who sends him on an epic quest. A quest is full of sexual encounters, unhappy housewives, beautiful damsels, comely magical creatures, and the chance to become a legend.​

If, on the other hand, you prefer games where your actions and choices lead to different outcomes rather than those that are more about choosing which female character’s story to experience and pursue (with guaranteed sex after several quest lines), then What a Legend! probably isn’t for you.

What a Legend! Characters:

Every female character will eventually be conquerable. While not all of this conquering will be easy or quick to reach, each will be unique, and with its fun story-line, leading to a wide range of fetishes.

Most male characters fall into one of two categories: allies who will help you reach your objectives, or antagonists that you will – one way or another – cuck.

What a Legend! Fetishes

What a Legend will include a large number of sexual fetishes with each introduced character (depending on their stories and personalities). Some of the sexual content currently planned are:

World of What a Legend!

We didn’t expect world-making to be so much fun, and perhaps we got a little carried away with the size of our world. But that’s cool — we’re in it for the long haul. There are two major cities, five smaller towns, and a zone planned for holiday events. Each of the larger cities will have smaller areas filled with characters and stories.

Developers have put a lot of time into making the world beautiful and immersive by incorporating sound effects, animations, and time-dependent background art.

Game of What a Legend!

WaL’s gameplay is very straightforward: you choose which female character’s content you’d like to see, and as long as you pursue and finish their story, you’ll unlock the sexy stuff.

Most other game choices are merely for fun: leading to different conversation lines or non-sexual scenes. As such, you can chill out, enjoy the stories, and not worry about whether you’re making the right choice.

What's new

v0.6.01 Fixed a number of bugs involving the crafting cabinets and buttons in the sex scenes not appearing. v0.6

  • About 50k new words
  • Seven new sex scenes: vaginal, anal, oral, and boob (including two scenes in a threesome)
  • Three hidden photos: Anne, Serena, Simmone
  • One new sprite for the Main Character
  • One new sprite for Rose
  • Two new male characters: Jebediah, Abu Gadu
  • Six new locations: Raventrove, The Doorway, The Twins', Inside of the Wagon, The Fork, The Swoon Tree
  • One new Map: Cin Town
  • Two think quests
  • One craft quest
  • Five achievements
  • New patron avatars
  • New music tracks and sound effects
  • Quality of life improvements: changing the world map icon, adding a guide for the first player choice dialogue (intro)
  • Fixing/improving typos, bugs, and artwork from previous releases

What a Legend! Hidden Photos Locations:

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