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Pokesluts: An adult visual novel game by Ebon Blite, parodies the popular Pokemon franchise. Players immerse themselves in a new region filled with seductive trainers like Misty, May, Dawn, and Nessa. Explore a world where lustful creatures and captivating encounters intertwine in this playful and mature twist on a beloved childhood classic.
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PokeSluts, developed by Ebon Blite, is an adult visual novel game that offers a seductive and humorous parody of the beloved Pokemon franchise. In this titillating adventure, players assume the role of a male protagonist who embarks on a journey to a new region teeming with alluring trainers and lustful creatures. The game takes a playful approach to the Pokemon universe, presenting familiar characters like Misty, May, Dawn, and Nessa in a whole new light. However, it is essential to note that PokeSluts is intended for mature audiences due to its explicit content.

A Provocative Adventure

Unlike the conventional Pokemon games, PokeSluts places players in a world where sensuality intertwines with Pokemon training. As the protagonist explores this intriguing region, they encounter a cast of sexy female trainers from the Pokemon universe. Each character possesses unique personalities, and players can engage in intimate interactions with them as the story unfolds.

Meet the Temptresses

  1. Misty, the iconic Cerulean City Gym Leader, has been transformed into a sultry enchantress. Her fiery spirit is matched only by her undeniable allure, making her a captivating encounter in this adult-themed adventure.
  2. May, the cheerful Hoenn region coordinator, takes on a mischievous role in PokeSluts. Her vivacious energy and playfulness make for entertaining and intimate interactions as players navigate the narrative.
  3. Dawn, the Sinnoh region’s sweet and determined Pokemon Coordinator, assumes a more daring persona in this captivating game. Her charm and seductive nature add an alluring twist to her character.
  4. Nessa, the glamorous Galar region Gym Leader, is portrayed as an irresistible beauty with a penchant for indulgence. Her allure and sensuality are sure to keep players enthralled throughout the gameplay.

A World of Temptations

In PokeSluts, players find themselves in a universe where trainers and Pokemon coexist in a more intimate and provocative manner. The game’s engaging storytelling, combined with its lighthearted approach to the Pokemon franchise, offers an exciting and playful experience.

Intimacy and Relationships

The heart of PokeSluts lies in the relationships players build with the captivating female trainers. Choices made during interactions influence the narrative, leading to various outcomes and character developments. The game skillfully balances intimacy with humor and adventure, creating a unique gaming experience for those seeking an adult-themed twist on a cherished childhood favorite.


PokeSluts takes players on an alluring adventure within the Pokemon universe, offering a captivating and humorous adult visual novel experience. As players interact with sensuous female trainers like Misty, May, Dawn, and Nessa, they will discover a playful and seductive parody that explores a side of the Pokemon world rarely seen. However, the game’s mature content warrants a word of caution to ensure it remains an enjoyable experience for its intended audience.

What's new

Version: v0.22.5


  • Added New Feature: Hypno Hypnosis
  • Added 3 New Hypnosis Scenes for Cynthia
  • Added 3 New Hypnosis Scenes for Serena
  • Added 3 New Hypnosis Scenes for Dawn
  • Made Small Changes

Version: v0.21


  • Added New Service Scene for Serena
  • Added New Service Scene for Cynthia
  • Added New Sex Scene for Serena
  • Added New Sex Scene for Cynthia
  • Made Small Fixes

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