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Lewd Masters is an adult visual novel game developed by indie developer James, offering a playful and explicit parody of the beloved Pokémon franchise. This unique game takes players on a mature and risqué journey through a world populated by characters reminiscent of the Pokémon universe. Prepare for a titillating adventure that combines the familiar charm of Pokémon with adult themes and content.
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Welcome to the enchanting world of Pokemon like you’ve never seen before.
In Lewd Masters, immerse yourself in a thrilling romance adventure infused with adult content.

Set in the familiar universe of Pokemon, the game explores the intricate relationships you, as the player, can cultivate with your favorite Pokemon girls – Serena, May, Hilda, Dawn, Cynthia, and Nessa. Each character is finely crafted keeping in mind their anime personalities and the world they inhabit.

Experience a whole new level of adult gaming with Lewd Masters. Navigate through captivating narratives, explore enchanting locations, and unravel the mysteries of your relationship with these bewitching characters.​

Gameplay and Storyline:

In Lewd Masters, players assume the role of a protagonist embarking on an erotic quest within a vibrant and sexually charged world. As you progress through the game, you encounter various captivating characters who bear striking resemblances to iconic Pokémon figures. These characters, given a mature twist, engage in explicit interactions and encounters that cater to the adult audience.

The game employs a visual novel format, immersing players in a narrative-driven experience. Engage in captivating dialogues, make choices that influence the story, and explore a wide range of sexual encounters and scenarios. Delve into intimate relationships with these enticing characters, each with their own distinct personalities, desires, and fantasies.

Visuals and Art Style:

Lewd Masters presents players with stunning artwork and illustrations that bring the characters and their explicit encounters to life. The visuals are skillfully crafted to capture the essence of the Pokémon universe while reimagining it through a mature lens. Expect vibrant and provocative imagery that pushes the boundaries of traditional adult visual novels.

Player Customization:

To enhance immersion, Lewd Masters allows players to customize their character’s appearance, allowing you to personalize your journey in the game. Tailor your avatar’s appearance, gender, and other attributes to reflect your preferences and create a unique experience within the world of Lewd Masters.


Lewd Masters offers an adult twist on the Pokémon universe, presenting a playful and explicit parody within a visual novel format. Dive into a world where familiar characters take on a seductive and tantalizing persona, engaging in explicit encounters and relationships. Embark on a thrilling adventure that combines the allure of Pokémon with adult themes, making Lewd Masters a unique and daring gaming experience for those seeking mature content in a familiar setting.

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