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Delve into the captivating world of "Taffy Tales," a small town teeming with dark secrets. Unveil the gripping story of a regular man with a split personality, navigating a web of relationships and embarking on thrilling side quests. Prepare for an alluring adult art experience in this tantalizingly original adventure.
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Step into the captivating world of “Taffy Tales,” where a seemingly ordinary man grapples with a tantalizingly twisted twist: a split personality. Embark on a gripping odyssey within a picturesque small town, where every unsuspecting local harbors a shadowy secret beneath their everyday façade.

Brace yourself for an enthralling ensemble of diverse characters, each intricately woven into a web of familial bonds and intricate relationships. As you immerse yourself in this original narrative, prepare for a multitude of captivating side quests that will sweep you away into a realm teeming with intrigue and desire. And as dusk falls upon the tantalizing tale, be seduced by a mesmerizing collection of adult art that will leave you breathless, daring you to explore the depths of your desires.

What's new

Version 0.95.7a Updates:

  • Expanded storylines for 20+ characters, including Mary, Becca, Tiffany, and more.
  • Added over 1800 pages of narrative with 220+ new full scenes.
  • Introduced 500+ unique images, including fresh backgrounds.
  • Featured 15+ new items and 6 new locations with unique backgrounds.
  • Revamped main menu with animated backgrounds.
  • Improved visuals with reworked background images and character poses.
  • Added 3 new characters, 50+ mini-talks, and 100+ small scenes for items.
  • Included 12 captivating hot animations and new minigames.
  • Enhanced scenes with diverse choices, quests, and tasks.
  • Added text triggers and optimized the project.
  • Enjoy new, engaging dialogues crafted by Lostraven and Lookingforthis!

Taffy Tales Cheat Codes

Tiffany’s computer password: RedQueen

Version: v0.89.8a

Save code: ocusar

Cheat: dilder

Code for Tiffany’s box: 06310

Beatrix’s laptop password: KittenSickSadism

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