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Peasant’s Quest is an open-world adult RPG game, The world of Peasant’t Quest Sets in a medieval era where you can find fantasy creatures and monsters.

You play as a farmer in this game whose goal is to find a path for a new life because he’s sick of his farm boy life. As the game story continues, you find yourself stronger and better as the game progresses.

And Peasant’s Quest has a combat system that allows our main character to fight with monsters to complete various quests.

What's new

v2.95 - Gwynneth's alley scenes have been reworked with new images and animations. They are now also in pregnant and non-pregnant versions. - Added a new version of the "Play" scene for Erevi's daughter. Both a troll and a "handsome prince" options are now available. - Added some new items for Daiyu's shop - The Magic Book of Girls is now also available from the main menu (once you find it). - Changed the maps for the tavern and blacksmith - Minor improvements and bugfixes. v2.91 - 8 new quests (1 more than in the test build) - 7 new scenes + variations, no less than 48 unique animations. - A new shop in Greyport (still with a very limited selection) - New maps + 1 refurbished map (the one near the tower) - New items to craft (perfume and one armor type). - New Magic book index - Several other minor improvements and bugfixes v2.81 Mayor New Features: Compendium/magical book containing some useful stats for each girl in the game. This can be acquired by performing a quest. Speak to the innkeeper, exit tavern and re-enter to trigger quest. The compendium is still a work in progress, the index is temporary and currently lists every girl in the game, even though you may not have met them yet. An improved index will be implemented in a later update (probably 2.91). Extended storyline for the goblins. 4 new quests resulting in a new female. The first quest triggers once you have completed the quest "A Rebellious Tribe" (where you got the Sequoia, the pygmy goblin), and your population is greater than 60. Smaller New Features: I added a non-pregnant version of Victoria's doggy-style scene. Both the pregnant and non-pregnant version now also include animations. Added a spirit potion point by the well for Liandra's old scenes. Bug fixes A whole lot of bug fixes this time around, mostly thanks to one particular member of the Discord community. And I'm still only halfway through his list.....

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