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Inspired by the Fallout and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, this game offers an original storyline, involving different factions and side stories that explore romance, violence, and everything in between, sprinkled with a lot of adult-oriented content. It has been a long since the apocalypse. You play as a Desert Stalker who scours the violent remnants of a civilization scattered through dunes and destroyed cities in what was once former Egypt.

The aftermath of the war still plagues the lands even after so long, and although your family at home offers a safe and calm haven, you will occasionally be thrown into harsher environments. How you treat others is up to you, as is what alliances you forge, what activities you participate in, and whether you are a self-centered or a more generous character.​

What's new

v0.13 Beta
New Content:

  • - Added scenes:
  • - Ending of Shani's quest in the Zone
  • - 10+ scenes that follow Shani's return and aftermath
  • - Harem scene (Emilia/Ain)
  • Reworks and Revisions:
  • -d4d (Talia & Lirah encounter)
  • Minor changes / Bugfixes:
  • - Replace some music tracks


  • - Added a "content end" notification


0.12b Changelog:

  • Minor changes / Bugfixes:
  • - Fixed incorrect sayer characters in a few instances
  • - Various text errors and typos (thank you for all the reports)
  • - Removed a cooldown trigger from Kyra's second basement event to make it more streamlined
  • - Fixed a couple of instances with overlapping videos causing lag
  • - Fixed an incorrect render sequence in Day 2

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