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"Immersed with Goddesses" is a hilarious and enticing tale inspired by hentai culture. Our loyal protagonist navigates a quarantine surrounded by alluring girls, seeking to understand how to please a woman and become a better partner. As desires ignite and choices unfold, the story takes unexpected twists that challenge his loyalty and desires.
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Immersed with Goddesses, a captivating tale rooted in the vibrant world of hentai culture, explores its comedic essence with flair. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of hentai/manga, enticing adult manhwas, and a handful of cherished adult games, this story takes a lighthearted approach.

Our protagonist, despite being in a committed relationship, remains steadfastly loyal and has no intentions of straying. Yet, he finds himself surrounded by enchanting temptresses who possess an uncanny ability to stir his desires. However, with all these girls already being taken, he deems the situation devoid of any peril.

Driven by an ardent desire to become a more attentive and skilled lover, our hero embarks on a quest to comprehend the intricacies of pleasuring a woman. Through lively discussions and keen observations of these captivating individuals, he hopes to unlock the secrets that will transform him into an exemplary boyfriend.

Questions arise amidst this enthralling journey:

  • How will his endeavors unfold?
  • Will he acquire knowledge that transcends mere conversation and observation?
  • Might the girls discover in our protagonist a soul that resonates more deeply with them than their current partners?
  • Will he, by the end of this enthralling quarantine period, yearn to rekindle his romance with his girlfriend?
  • Or will he find himself entangled in a new and unexpected relationship?

As the story unravels, expect the unexpected, as passions intertwine and characters evolve, creating an alluring tapestry of desires and choices.

What's new


  • New events at the jacuzzi and the cooking! One for each girl, with another scene for each if you have your stats at max. Also, an extra option for Berry if you don't like one option.
  • New little events when girls are Step 0 (new dialogue options) to increase the possibilities to get desire when you start the game.
  • Some work on Valerie's final event. I do hope it's gonna work better for those who had an issue with it.
  • Rework of a few art and animations. Some scenes have changed from single image to animation.
    • 30 Images, 8 New animations.

The new animations are:

  • Party with Berry Step 2 oral
  • Berry's first time with you during her event s*x
  • Berry's bedroom Step 3 s*x
  • Emma's oral job during her event
  • Emma Step 2 at the backyard oral
  • Sarena Step 3 at the backyard s*x
  • Sarena's morning scene Step 3 s*x
  • Sarena's morning scene Step 1 HJ

Confined with Goddesses Walkthrough

Download – Confined with Goddesses full Walkthrough PDF


The Quests

When you start a new game, this is the quickest way to work Day 1:

  • Talk to Sarena at the balcony, pass the time, clock or Shower.
  • Talk to Berry in her room, pass the time, clock or Shower.
  • Talk to Emma at the computer, pass the time, clock or Shower.
  • Talk to Valerie in her room, then go to the living room. (Shower will bring you to the next day but you can do it)
  • Start the party

From there, you can choose who you want to develop. Don’t forget to start your “Business” at the computer. Try daily life scenes on the map before leveling them up to not miss anything.

In the girl’s tab, you can see everything you have to do to continue her quest.

  • If it’s written “Wait for her to take action,” most of the time it means you just have to pass the time until it triggers.
  • If it’s written to find her, then look for her icon on the map.

After you finish the quests, the girl should level up. Then, you should try again all daily activities. You might find new scenes/animations or just dialogue evolution.

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